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Winters Coming: Time To Update Your Boiler?

31 Aug

With winter around the corner, its not surprising homeowners start to worry about their increasing energy bills. Now when it comes to your energy bills, heating accounts for about 60 percent of what you spend annually. About 16 percent of that goes on distribution charge, basically the cost of the gas pipes that get the energy into your home. What about the other percentage? An efficient boiler makes a big difference!

Modern boilers are more efficient for several reasons, but their main advantage is that they are mostly condensing boilers. In a conventional heating system (gas boilers for example) most of the combustion products (heated gases) pass through the boiler’s heat exchange surface, passing the generated energy to the heat distribution system – underfloor heating, radiators. Afterwards, the combustion gases are released into the atmosphere through the boiler’s flue. Therefore, a certain amount of heat is lost, because together with the gases, a considerable amount of steam that forms during the burning process (due to the water contained in the natural gas in its initial state) is being pushed out. The released steam carries an untapped amount of evaporation energy that conventional boilers are unable to make use of, and something that a condensing boiler is capable of converting into additional heat.

Installing an efficient condensing boiler can save you significant amounts of money, but also improve your carbon footprint. Here are some other examples:

Reduce your electricity bills: Because condensing boilers are so energy efficient, they need to burn much less fuel to extract the same amount of energy to supply to your home. This means considerably lower fuel bills, which is a relief in today’s unstable fuel market with prices rising all the time.

Cut your carbon footprint: Condensing boilers have much lower CO2 emissions than other boilers available, and because of this are much more environmentally friendly. Every year a condensing boiler could save up to 1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide that would otherwise escape into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Save space: Condensing combi boilers don’t need a hot water tank, saving you space. Next to a clunky older boiler type, a condensing boiler is sleek and will often fit into convenient spaces the size of an average kitchen cupboard.

Simple controls: Condensing combi boilers don’t need timers for hot water as they produce hot water when you turn the tap on. Also heating controls have changed so much over the last decade and as a result it is now as easy to control heating your home than ever before. With these changes comes longer life boilers and savings from heating your home smarter and more efficiently.

Faster heating: Upgrading your heating system and heating controls will not only reduce your energy bills but will also help heat your home faster.

In conclusion a new boiler can save 1.5 tons of CO2 each year. Not sure exactly how much that is? It the equivalent of the emissions given off on a return flight from London to San Francisco; a flight covering 5,351 miles!

Sometimes, wanting to be greener and reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills can seem daunting when you have to find the total cost of installing some measures, that’s why Eco People has become FCA approved so we can offer you a variety of finance options when we provide you with a quote. Call us on 020 8883 4595 for more information or visit us at www.eco-people.co.uk

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Top winter tips to send those pesky high energy bills to the north pole!

14 Nov

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting colder and I’m counting down the days until Christmas. Perfect. What’s not to love about winter?

Winter is THE season for many people and there are plenty of things to look forward to from cosy nights on the couch, New Year celebrations to Christmas itself!

This being said, the downside of winter is turning up that thermostat to heat your wintry home. This makes winter one of the most expensive seasons of the year when it comes to energy bills.

Our number one tip to keep bills low is to insulate your property. Insulation is a great way to keep your house and family warm. Insulating walls has never been so easy and energy efficient. By insulating your house you can save a considerable amount a year that you would normally spend on energy bills. Not to mention it’s great for the environment. Lovely.

Our next tip is to keep a maintained boiler. A poorly maintained boiler wastes more energy and costs more, and it also runs the risk of leaking carbon monoxide. Either get your boiler serviced before winter or change your old model for a condensing unit, which could shave off around £235 a year.

Speaking of heating systems, have you bled your radiators recently? If your radiators are colder at the top than they are at the bottom, then your radiators have trapped air inside them that’s stopping the heat from circulating properly. It’s time to grab a towel and your special key and bleed that radiator! Bleeding the radiators releases the air, allowing the radiator to run more efficiently and in turn save you pennies.

Our next tip is to check your gutters. As summer draws to a close, the leaves will start falling, and gutters and drainpipes will start to get filled with loose foliage. Once the blockage becomes too much, water will start to back up in the guttering and leak into the roof and down the walls of the house. A further tip for your gutters would be to cut away any surrounding trees as it’s those leaves that will clog your guttering systems!

Be sure to check the edges of your doors and windows for draughts, and you can either seal these gaps with self-adhesive draught strips, or get one of those funny draught excluder’s shaped like a snake or a dog. Who doesn’t love a draft excluding dog?

Here’s some more top energy saving tips for winter:

  • You should also keep doors and windows closed so that heat is retained
  • Wash your clothes at a lower temperature. Every little bit of energy you save can make a huge difference!
  • ‘Switch switches off’
  • Unplug resources when you are done with them
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs (although they’re a little bit more pricey they are certainly worth it)
  • Stock up on hot chocolate. Sitting down on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate in winter is one of the best feelings ever.

You can call the team at Eco People (0208 883 4595) or email office@eco-people.co.uk for a quotation as Eco People specialise in External/Internal wall insulation and so much more.

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