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A Birdhouse That Gives Out Free Wi-Fi When The Air Quality Improves

2 Jun

There is something really cosy about a birdhouse isn’t there? Well an Amsterdam based start-up company called TreeWiFi agree and are planning on combining it with a much loved technology around the world…Wi-Fi!

They are planning to build bird houses that can measure the amount of pollution in the air, and make them levels visible through an LED status light. The birdhouse will measure when the air is clean and when it is, will give out free Wi-Fi. The roof of the birdhouse will then light up green to show people that the air is of good quality and that Wi-Fi is available on the street.

The technology works by the treehouse sending air quality data to a server where it is analysed and made public for everyone to see.

The brilliance behind the TreeWiFi is its ability to measure air pollution around the world in a much cheaper way than regular government owned air quality measuring stations. The more birdhouses installed means we can get a much more realistic idea of the air pollution around cities and towns.

Currently in Amsterdam air quality is not measured locally and thus local citizens tend not to get involved in improving air quality. The Wi-Fi element will not only offer researchers a better understanding of the workings of air pollution, but also motivate citizens to get involved in reducing air pollution. TreeWiFi also aims to encourage people who live in a city to use their bikes and public transportation more often, and to organise car-free days in their districts.

The project began with funding from the Awesome Foundation Amsterdam in March 2016, since then the team has grown from founder and designer Joris Lam to five in total. TreeWiFi is now hoping to raise €6.500 to further support the development of the prototype and to be able to build five units that they can place in the city of Amsterdam for testing.

Founder Joris Lam hopes to install at least 500 units in the city of Amsterdam, or other European cities who want to tackle air pollution. Due to the project’s fun and relatable approach to a subject otherwise hard to bring attention to, the reactions have been positive from local citizens.

We think it’s a great idea all round – Who would love to see the TreeWifi installed in your local towns and cities? Would they make you more aware of your carbon footprint and air polluting ways? Or are you just here for the free Wi-Fi? (We had to ask!)


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