Put Your Left Over Pumpkins To Good Use With Our Handy Suggestions

30 Oct

At Eco People we love Halloween for various reasons. First and foremost the costumes (who doesn’t love to dress up as a scary witch or a monster from the deep?), spooky movies and not to mention the decorations. A huge tradition of our Halloween celebrations is the pumpkins – there are pumpkins everywhere! Well last year Hubbub realised some pretty scary statistics about the previous Halloween which shared some shocking landfill figures.

They found that a huge 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins are thrown away each year by businesses and home-owners and sent to landfill. Do you know how many pumpkin pies could have been made? Well we will tell you…360 million portions!! Now, that’s a crazy amount of pumpkin – that’s without taking into account your Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte (which lets face it are heavenly).

Halloween is the second largest retail holiday in the United Kingdom (for obvious reasons) and it won’t come as a shock that 42% of us purchase wonderful pumpkins. It has also be found that after being used for decoration, only a third of us use its flesh. Here’s a more informative breakdown:

  • 25% of us throw them in the bin as food waste
  • 19% of us throw them in the compost heap
  • 20% of us throw them in the food waste collection
  • 33% of us cook the edible parts of the pumpkin they carve out

With these shocking results in mind, Hubbub came up with a brilliant plan – #pumpkinrescue which was introduced in 2014. Last year they coordinated the first pumpkin festival in Oxford where there were 23 events with 2065 participants, who saved over 1325 pumpkins – that’s 3.3 tonnes from landfill.

If the festival is not for you but you want to make a difference, here are some suggestions for your left over pumpkins…

  1. Make your own pumpkin spiced latte (This is obviously the most sensible choice)
  2. Decorate With Pumpkins – Halloween might be over, but it’s still autumn and pumpkins make great additions to your home, garden and holiday decorations!
  3. Use your pumpkin as a quirky serving bowl for soup or cider? File this idea under “brilliant”.
  4. How about turning your pumpkin into a bird feeder? Release the inner artist.
  5. Out late at a Halloween party? Recharge your skin with pumpkin’s good-for-you vitamins A, C and E face mask. You’ll only need to add honey and milk.
  6. Not a fan of eating the seeds? Instead, hold onto them to plant in your garden next spring. Growing your own pumpkins will save you money — and let you enjoy even more home-made treats next year.
  7. Compost your pumpkin – At the very least, your leftover pumpkin can help you grow an incredible garden next year. Cut it into smaller pieces and toss it in the compost pile, then mix it into your soil next spring.

You’re welcome 😉


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