The SMART Homes scheme explained

17 Apr

You can now save up to 75% on home improvements with the Smart Homes scheme. The scheme offers grants of up to £6,000 which can help you make improvements to your property. Plus you can receive up to an additional £1000 of ECO funding for eligible properties. It’s available to both homeowners and landlords (or tenants with landlord consent) in Enfield, Islington, Haringey, Waltham Forrest, Camden, and Hackney.

The grant will cover up to 75% of installation cost for properties:

  • That require Solid Wall Insulation
  • With cavity walls that are difficult to insulate
  • Generally properties built before 1930

The Smart Homes scheme also supports other energy improvement measures outlined in a Green Deal Assessment such as double glazing, secondary glazing and energy efficient boilers etc.

For Smart Homes grant aimed at funding domestic retrofit, as a general rule, you have up to £6000 available to cover the costs of Solid Wall Insulation AND other measures.

In the private rented sector (PRS) only, if Solid Wall Insulation is not included AND the EPC rating is E, F or G, you can get up to £3000 to cover 75% of the costs.

Even though you will need to contribute towards the cost, Eco People will talk you through other grants and schemes that may be available to you for example the Green Deal.

In return you will benefit from lower energy bills and comfier surroundings as your property if left un-insulated can lose over 40% of its heat through solid walls. Your property can also benefit from an external makeover with beautiful renders or brick slip finishes. We will also reimburse you £100 of the £150 Green Deal Advice Report fee if the installation goes ahead.

Eco People will provide you with;

  1.  £100 reimbursement of the Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) fee if the installation goes ahead.
  2. Dedicated Support – from an initial assessment, to getting quotes, any planning permissions and completion of work.
  3. Help to get the most grant money available – residents will have to make a financial contribution towards the energy improvements chosen, but the project will advise on different grant schemes available at the time.

To register your interest in the Smart Homes scheme you can contact us on 020 8883 4595. If you decide to register direct with smart homes but want to use Eco People as your installer you should state that you would like to use Eco People Ltd as your installer through the independent installer route’.



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