Blowing out the cobwebs!

8 Aug

It has to be said, the British summer is usually nothing to admire, and between the rain and clouds sometimes I don’t think we’ve had a summer since 1994! I remember 1994 well, riding around on my BMX but that’s another story.

This year has been a different story…we’ve had sun, a perfect time to put ones washing on the washing line. Well, according to the Energy Saving Trust washing lines are quickly becoming a thing of the past, with tumble dryers taking over. They argue that washing lines should not be a thing of the past but have a spirited energy saving role in the future. But is the unassuming line still a beneficial tool in modern Britain?

Nowadays, many people are doing their laundry at home and with backyards and gardens too small to lay washing on the floor, people seem to like pegging their washing onto a rope to blow and be free in the fresh air. This was not always the case as years ago clothes were spread out to dry upon meadows or draped over bushes. Henry Mascell’s Lucrative Book of 1597 recommended drying your washing over lavender bushes for an additional bleaching effect.

In today’s Britain many of us live in flats with little or no access to outdoor drying space making our laundry habits adapt. Washing lines over the bath make for damp air and clutter, so a preference for tumble drying clothes is understandable. Even for those who do have access to outdoor space, tumble dryers offer the chance to defy the weather and let’s be honest; the past few summers have cemented this logic.

Now let’s look at the benefits of drying your clothes outside;

  1. It’s cheaper – Not running your dryer and instead using the FREE sunlight to dry laundry. Yeah…that is a HUGE benefit for us.
  2. It whitens your whites – Some of your stuff getting dingy? The sun will brighten those things right up! It gets stains out. It might take a few sunning days, but the sun does a great job of getting stains out.
  3. It’s good exercise – This speaks for itself!
  4. It reduces wrinkles – Hanging clothes outside really helps reduce wrinkles! And that’s great for those of you who don’t iron!
  5. It’s environmentally friendly – Less electricity is better for the environment AND your bank balance. Tumble dryers use up a lot of electricity, almost more than any other household appliance!

Whether you’re an energy saver or a whiter than white kinda gal/guy you can’t argue that our ancestors did something right! Why don’t you try drying your clothes outside today…dry it flat on the lawn, drape it over the hedge or hang from a line, don’t forget that good old fresh air and sunlight still have a lot to offer! Not to mention the positive effects on your carbon footprint and energy bills!




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