Los Angeles receives an LED lighting makeover!

21 Mar

Throughout Los Angeles streetlights have been replaced with modern LED lighting. Four years ago Los Angeles authorities took a bold step and a plan was put in place. The city has a long-term objective to radically reduce the energy consumption of the city streets with far-reaching benefits. At present street lighting can account for up to 40% of a city’s electricity bill.

The LED lighting offers a huge aesthetic benefit with bright white lights shining over the streets of Los Angeles. Prior to the new lighting, the city was covered with high-pressure sodium streetlights which created a vivid yellow glow. Many inhabitants are happy with the new look of the city streets but there is another underlying advantage. The new lighting has made travelling through the streets much safer due to the extra clarity given by the clearer lights.

The project wasn’t always smooth sailing as it was first criticised by many who believed funding should be invested in other welfare exercises such as education or crime prevention. In addition to this, it has been argued by many that Hollywood would never look the same again. The lighting has been integral to many Hollywood movies offering aesthetic attraction to filmmakers with its jaundiced appearance.

With 140,000 new bulbs installed, this has accounted for a gigantic 60% in energy reduction throughout the city. The scheme has been pioneered by Former President Bill Clinton who equated this carbon emissions reduction to taking 10,000 cars off the Los Angeles roads. The city is saving huge amounts of money each year which can free up funding available to fund other projects around the city. Aside from monetary advantages, the city has seen an increase in energy efficiency reducing their carbon footprint.

Director of Astute Lighting Ltd, Anwar Adam believes that this success could drive the LED lighting industry forward and has said:

 “Other cities will now be looking enviously at Los Angeles and their improved energy efficiency and decreasing energy bills. It can only be good for the environment if more councils and authorities follow suit and implement their own energy-saving measures wherever possible.”

Los Angeles aren’t the only ones switching to energy-efficient lighting. In March 2013, the City of Las Vegas finished equipping 42,000 street lights with LED fixtures. One month later, the City of Austin, Texas, announced plans to install 35,000 LED street lights.

The City of Los Angeles estimates it will see at least $7 million (US dollars) in electricity savings and $2.5 million (US dollars) in avoided maintenance costs annually with the switch to LED street lights.

The LED lighting has rid Los Angeles of its yellow jaundiced appearance.


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