An electric scooter with more room than a Smart car!

21 Nov

Electric scooters are not new to the market; they have been around for many years. What if an electric scooter was created that could carry you and your gear quickly and cleanly? Who would need the Smart Car?

Lit Motors are currently waiting for their project to get fully funded which could see a two wheeled mini truck scooter descending to a town near you. The scooter will essentially be a self-balancing, enclosed motorcycle capable of carrying your baggage and guess what…it runs on electricity! Lit motors have been making waves in electric transportation options and this idea doesn’t disappoint for many people who need a quiet, clean and cheap to operate vehicle.

The scooter has been named Kubo scooter and was designed and built as a side project. The idea behind the Kubo Scooter came about because “I couldn’t find a good quality electric scooter anywhere”. The 100% electric scooter looks a bit strange, when likened to a traditional moped and scooter designs, but that’s because it’s made specifically to haul more than just a person.

The frame of the scooter has loops, hooks and rails enabling the user to secure all their gear while in transport. The 22” square cargo area can handle up to 300lb which would consist of the rider’s weight plus their cargo.

The two-wheeled scooter is fitted with a torque 3-kW (four-horsepower) in-wheel motor fed by a 3.81-kWh lithium battery buried in its floor, making it capable of speeds of 45 miles per hour and distances of 50 miles on a full charge. The scooter contains an on-board charger which can be plugged into any standard outlet. It is estimated that the scooter can be charged within a few hours.

In order to get the little powerhouse on the market, Lit Motors have decided to turn to crowd funding with their kick-starter campaign. The campaign has a goal of raising $300,000 US Dollars by 20th December 2013. People who back the campaign at the $5000 level will be the first to receive their own Kubo Scooter. This is said to be less than the expected retail price of the Scooter.

Launching it now via a Kick-starter campaign affords the firm a low-cost way to learn about bringing a product to market and prepares them for the future. Production is estimated to begin in April 2014.


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