Lacking space to grow your own produce…look no further…

30 Aug

Living in London certainly has many advantages – the public transport, the attractions, the parks, THE ROYALS! While this is all great and dandy with a positive comes a negative…small living spaces, for flat owners a lack of public gardens and not to mention the traffic!

Now I must zone in one a personal pet hate of mine which is the lack of green space around my home. Don’t get me wrong – I love my flat but it does come at the cost of a lovely green garden. Do you agree? Well, if you do I have to tell you about the ‘Daiwa Agri Cube’.

Urban residents have become quite the creator when it comes to packing tiny gardens or flower beds into places you might not expect.  Rooftop gardens in particular are quite popular, but they too have their limits, especially if the building is old. That’s why Japan’s Daiwa House Industry developed a parking-space-sized vegetable factory that’s perfect for urban farmers!

Daiwa is currently Japan’s largest home builder constructing large structures daily, but are currently dipping their toes into a new pond with the compact hydroponic vegetable factory. The cleverly named ‘Agri-Cube’ is a semi-portable greenhouse which only needs a space the size of a single parking space to work efficiently.

The ‘Agri-Cube’ comes with a water recycling system located inside the self-contained greenhouse. With adjustable fluorescent lighting plants are able to nourish and grow without the need for natural sunlight. Under the right conditions, the cube can grow up to 10,000 heads of lettuce per year for approximately 45 US cents a vegetable, when electricity costs are taken into account, according to ‘DigInfo’.

Although the ‘Agri-Cube’ does not take full advantage of our free renewable energy source –the sun for power or growing don’t let this put you off. There are many advantages for using the ‘Agri-Cube’ for urban farming. Primarily it projects plants from drought, bugs and air pollution which we all know is becoming a huge problem in cities around the world thanks to climate change. The cube is ideal for hotels, restaurants, and apartment complexes that might not have the ground space to dedicate for growing.

Do you live in a city and would love to grow your own vegetation? Do you live in the suburbs but would benefit from the Cube without pesky animals and bugs attacking your produce? Leave us a comment below as we would love to get your feel for this product! Personally I find it very exciting!!!


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