The benefits of Solar Energy for the home owner

19 Jul

It has been said that power demands are growing beyond what current plants can produce. With this we must consider a fundamental idea – an increase in demand – an increase in cost. What if you could run a home with little or no energy bills by investing in renewable energy? For many people around the world they are doing this not to simply reduce their carbon footprint, but save money on energy bills.

So what benefits could you receive by investing in solar energy? Putting aside what anti- renewable energy activists believe, countries, businesses and people are investing in this method of power generation. With interest growing around the world, what makes this method much more superior than our current methods of power generation?

  1. A major concern regarding solar energy is the cost in solar panels and supporting equipment. If this is a concern of yours then this is your lucky day as the cost of this is continuing to drop, especially when we consider the current government funding for example The Green Deal.
  2. Once the panels have been installed there is no need for any fuels to be consumed. What could be greener than that?
  3. In terms of your local community – By reducing the impact on the power grid (with your house being self-efficient) power is conserved for other locations around the community.
  4. The sun must be the most reliable source of power due to the fact it will be around for the next several billion years. An abundant power source if you ask us.
  5. Get paid for generating electricity. The government’s Feed-In Tariffs pay you for the electricity you generate – even if you use it!
  6. This benefit speaks for itself – SUNLIGHT IS FREE! Yippee! So once you have paid for the initial installation your energy costs will be reduced.
  7. You could sell electricity back to the grid. Basically, if your system is producing more electricity than you use, you can sell the surplus back to the grid.
  8. A typical home which operates under solar power could save over a tonne of carbon dioxide per year. You could be the greenest person you know considering you could save more than 30 tonnes over its lifetime!

How does that sound? Oh another bonus I nearly forgot was how easy they are to maintain! Solar panels need very little maintenance. Just remember to keep them relatively clean and make sure they aren’t covered by over growing trees. In the UK panels are titled at 15 degrees which gives the extra benefit of being cleaned by rainfall.

So what are you waiting for…you’ve heard the benefits! Give us a call today on 020 8883 4595 for a free no obligation quote to discuss how government funding could help you get kick started to a greener future.


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