A table which wirelessly charges your phone

20 Jun

I don’t know about you but one of my pet hates is how quickly my mobile phone’s battery is drained when out in public! You’re away from your charger and your phones in the red! What do you do? Run home and charge it?! Well maybe not due to Panasonic who believe they have the answer.

Panasonic have created a prototype which was shown at the ‘Retail Tech Expo’ in Tokyo of a solar powered inductive charging table. The aim of the table is to charge your phone or any other device with a QI battery by simply placing it on top of the table.

This type of charging called “inductive charging” has been around for a few years but it has never been harnessed into a wireless version. The first inductive charger was the ‘Power Mat’, created by Energizer, but it needed external power to charge the devices. Panasonic’s table is unique, however, because it charges via solar power collected on the table’s surface.

Another impressive aspect is that the charging panel connects straight to your battery. This dismisses the need to have your device plugged into anything. As of yet we do not know how long your device would have to sit on the table for before you had adequate battery life to carry on with your day.

You have to be careful not to cover the solar panels with your device therefore no beautiful flower arrangements or ornaments can take over the table service, therefore minimalism will be the way forward with this table. That being said there is more than enough room for your device.

The table indeed looks like a creation from the future, and it seems the future of solar-powered wireless-charging tables is not far off. The idea is to sell the table on the Japanese market by the end of this year or early next year.

It would be extremely useful if the table is harnessed in the right way. Maybe next year when you’re grabbing your coffee your mobile phone could receive some juice also!

How does this invention sit with you? Would you use it? Looking to the future would you want one in your home?




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