The coldest winter in 100 years?!

22 Nov

Winter is amongst us and concern is growing over the price of heating our homes particularly with news of this winter being the coldest in 100 years!!! But it’s inevitable; it’s coming, so let’s deal with this one step at a time!

The most imperative issue regarding cutting costs is energy efficiency – How does our home distribute heat? What measures should we take to prevent heat loss or cool air gain? Look no further and carry on reading.

Step 1 – Inspect for drafts!

It’s pointless putting you’re heating on for it merely to escape through gaps in windows and doors. So light a candle holding it around the edges of your windows and doors and if the flame flickers then it’s realistic a draft exists. Firstly you should check the exterior of the area to see if any cracks or gaps have emerged and try your best to fill them. You could use caulk or ‘Polyfilla’ available from most DIY stores.

Step 2 – Cling film your windows!

Yes that’s right, Clingfilm your windows. Well ok, not Clingfilm per say but a product very alike. I live in North London were Sash windows are all the range, very beautiful but extremely cold! Upon a trip to the local DIY store I discovered a wonderful invention which basically requires you to stick a Clingfilm like substance onto your windows and then by using a hairdryer make the Clingfilm like substance go tort creating an interior window pane. Genius you say? I agree.  Just don’t poke your finger through it!

Step 3 – Bleed those radiators!

This is simple, if the radiator is not radiating heat or is hot at the bottom, cold at the top it needs bleeding. Air bubbles can get stuck in the pipes meaning the hot water cannot reach all the areas it needs to. Radiators should be bled once yearly to ensure maximum efficiency.  This can be done by using a radiator key again easily found at your local DIY store.

Step 4 – Clean your windows!

Heat from the sun is not just a pretty source of light – It can also take the chill of the interior of your house. Though, dust particles that naturally collect on your window panes can filter out some of the important rays. Washing your windows can combat this and welcome that much wanted sunshine into your house, unless you’re a vampire.

Step 5 – Good old Insulation!

This is where we step in…Insulation is an integral part of your home not only to keep you warm but also help keep your pesky energy bills down. There are schemes widely available to help finance the insulation process, so why not give us a call today and make a decision for the future that will keep your walls safe.


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