First steps towards a Carbon Culture

11 Jul

Get a Carbon Culture at your workplace

Carbon Culture have built a powerful collection of visual displays and web-based tools to engage people in saving energy and carbon. Now anyone can use the fruits of their research to get staff engaged in performance data, drive cost savings and embed sustainability across their business.

CarbonCulture is a community platform that is designed to help people use resources more efficiently. They have set out to make it easy and rewarding to do the things that save the most carbon, energy, water, waste and money. They’re interested in what can be achieved through your workplace – whether you work for a company or the Government, or for a charity or an NGO. CarbonCulture builds on the ability that we all have to make big things happen when we get together, and backs it up with the real-time information, empirical evidence and community tools that can best create savings.

As with any journey, you begin by finding out where you’re starting from. The first step in CarbonCulture is measuring and reporting your organisation’s carbon and energy performance. Their first group of            participating organisations have all chosen to publish their energy and carbon performance in real time, and welcome ideas and feedback from their employees and the public about how to do it better.

You can use their ‘Discover‘ toolkit to help you build a CarbonCulture in your organisation, get in touch to find out more.

For all your CarbonCulture needs:


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