Pigs Can’t Fly But At Least They Can Be Solar Powered

4 May

Farmers have for centuries harnessed the power of the sun in the growing and drying of crops. With fossil fuel energy resources escalating in price and offering an uncertain future, farmers are adding a new dimension to their relationship with all things solar.

A pig farm has taken advantage of a Government planning exemption on small-scale renewables schemes on farms by installing solar PV panels. As planning permission is no longer required by farmers who wish to put in place solar panels and other renewable generators on existing buildings, there is a new incentive to the make the most of available efficient technologies.

This forward-thinking farmer has installed a 39.6kWp solar photovoltaic system at his farm in Leicestershire. This is expected to generate more than 34,153 units of green energy per year for use on the 320 acre site and provide £11,236 in tax-free income from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

Eco2Solar managing director Paul Hutchens, said: “This is excellent news for the farming industry and rural economy. It means farmers and land managers will no longer be ‘turned off’ from the benefits of solar panel installations through fear of facing complex and costly planning permission applications.”  Philip Gosling, said: “By utilising on-farm renewables, we are able to secure a valuable additional revenue steam which is vital for the future development of our facilities.”


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