19 Apr

Reducing energy consumption ‘is first step in creating eco homes’

People hoping to minimise the effect their property has on the environment have been advised to first focus on cutting their home energy consumption.
Speaking to the Leamington Observer, Janet Alty explained that decorating a home with “eco-bling” will not be effective unless the basics are in place first.
The former Green Party parliamentary candidate for Warwick & Leamington is thought to have the “greenest” home in the area, having spent about £15,000 on eco-friendly improvements.
She explained that the first step she takes when revamping a room is to install plenty of insulation. Indeed, fitting this in external walls was described by the publication as her “first rule” when undertaking any work.
As well as insulation, the home also has double glazing, a solar powered water heater and 14 solar electric cells, which provide free electricity for the home during daylight hours.
“The first job is to reduce your consumption down to the bone,” she asserted.
“‘Eco-bling’ will not work unless you already have done everything possible to reduce your carbon footprint by becoming as energy efficient as possible and conserving the energy you do use by insulating and draft proofing loft spaces, doors and windows,” Ms Alty added.
Commenting on her electricity bills, she said the amount she pays is “very low indeed”.
Those concerned about whether or not old properties can be made energy-efficient might be encouraged to learn that hers is not a new house but an old Victorian semi-detached residence.
Other homeowners who have gone to great lengths to utilise green energy and reduce their gas and electricity bills are Chris and Harriet Martin from Bournville, reports the Birmingham Mail.
The couple have cut their property’s energy usage by 75 per cent by taking simple steps such as installing insulation in the loft, walls, windows and floors. ADNFCR-1843-ID-800483639-ADNFCR
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