So, you think you can render?

16 Mar

Us girls in the Eco People office like nothing more than some quality external rendering, and sometimes we wonder if we might be rather good at it ourselves… Well, Eco Build 2012 is going to offer us the chance to prove our skills with the fabulous Weber Applisation – a pump applied render simulator which uses the latest virtual reality technology to train users in render application. Not bad for expert applicators who want to hone their skills either.

The Applistation records the user’s movements with four 3D cameras and assesses performance against a list of criteria which include percentage of overall coverage, percentage of correctly applied thickness and percentage of under or over applied thickness. Weber Applistation then gives the user a performance score.

Ecobuild visitors are invited to use the Applistation to test and develop their skills throughout the show.   A preview of the system can be viewed on YouTube on the ‘Saint-Gobain UK and IRE’ channel.

Visitors are also invited to drop into the Ask The Experts area to get best practice and compliance advice from Zero Carbon Hub and Saint-Gobain experts from Saint-Gobain Isover, Weber, British Gypsum and Pasquill.   This is a unique opportunity to get free advice from leading industry experts regarding key legislative requirements including the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES) and Part L.

Run every 30 minutes, a number of demonstrations will feature a variety of construction types, including masonry and timber frame walls and roofing constructions.  They will address important issues such as thermal bridging, air tightness and moisture management, providing visitors with practical guidance and expert knowledge to help them meet current and future building regulations. A full schedule of demonstrations is available on the Ecobuild show website.

So, anyone who thinks rendering should be an Olympic sport – get your free ticket now!


4 Responses to “So, you think you can render?”

  1. M. Crowther March 17, 2012 at 4:36 am #

    Heys. I’m working on a simple green project for my company, and I’m sourcing for potential renderers here. In fact, I think I can find some really good ones in this event, and I’d love to work as a JV with you guys!

    I’m also considering purchasing Ecobuild’s PV Panels after hearing a lot of really good reviews and I have some queries that I’d like to ask first. May I meet up with Sorcha as well? I think it would be best to just meet face-to-face with the Marketing and Communications Manager and clarify all my enquires at one go; it’d be faster that way haha.

    Hope to hear you soon. Thank you!


    • Eco People March 17, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

      Hi Crowther,
      It would probably be best to have a chat over the phone first to assess exactly what you’re looking for and then perhaps I can arrange for one of our surveyors to assess your property / properties. Eco people Ltd doesn’t manufacture PV panels ourselves but we do source the best and most appropriate panels we can for you. The type of panels you should choose depends on the type of roof, location, budget etc. Also, we are of course able to supply labour-only options on rendering. Is that what you are looking for? Please contact us via the website: Thanks and hope to hear from you!

  2. Vanscoy March 17, 2012 at 4:59 am #

    I went to Ecobuild last year, and it really impressed as the people were so good at green innovations. It’s nothing like I’ve seen anywhere else; they’re really veterans in their area of expertise, they make things look so effortless and interesting to watch, they were also very engaging. And I really enjoyed the live demonstrations! I’m glad they are organizing again this year. I’m definitely going there again.

    • Eco People March 17, 2012 at 6:42 pm #

      Glad to hear it! Yeah, we’re looking forward to it too. Do you work in the business?

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